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We could all use a pick me up on Friday after a long week in the office, so we decided to start our weekly blog #FuzzyFriday and you’re invited!

Each Friday we will post an article, video or similar about something that relates to the Logistics, Warehouse, Automation and Process industry. For instance, we may write an article describing the pitfalls when testing an automated system or maybe one in which we highlight the technological advances of a system integrator. The topics list we have already compiled is extensive but we are always looking for fresh ideas, so any suggestions are more than welcome.

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Cleaning and Productivity – A Dynamic Duo?

Today’s Fuzzy Friday is about a topic that I’m very passionate about: Cleaning And I can hear my partner thinking, yeah sure! Ok, maybe I should be more specific. Cleaning of automated equipment. Now, why would I want to write an article about the cleaning of automated equipment? Because, it’s one of the most underrated […]

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Agricultural Robotics: High-Tech Farming

Software, hardware, artificial intelligence (AI), programming and automation. These seem to be the pillars contributing to the word ‘Technology’. We have moved on from a dominant agricultural employment sector and transitioned into that of a technological. In developing countries, roughly 28% of the population is employed in agricultural related industries, and in developed countries it […]

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Key trends in Warehouse Automation.

Over the last 1-2 years the economic climate we are working in has shifted considerably. Interest rates have gone up, inflation has shot up and we’re all still holding our breath on when the cost to do business will finally settle. What is quickly becoming clear is that this high cost high interest rate environment […]

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From Hong Kong to Oz: Navigating the Aussie Work Jungle as a Fresh Graduate

Hello, fellow grads and future world-changers! First off, congratulations on acing all your exams and tossing your graduation cap into the air. It’s an exhilarating time, but let’s not sugarcoat it – transitioning from the lecture theatre to the corporate office can feel like stepping into a whole new world. But fear not, my friend, […]

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Delivered On Time (DOT) may not be as simple as you report.

In the complex world of logistics, everyone loves a good KPI!There are many KPI, and DOT, Delivered On Time, is the one we look at in this post. Delivered On Time (DOT) is a critical metric in supply chain management, reflecting whether an organization meets its promised delivery times. There are lots of process improvements […]

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Knowing Your Warehouse Operations

Do you believe that knowledge is power? Imagine how great it would be to know the next winning lottery numbers! That would be awesome, right? Unfortunately, this is just a wishful thinking. In our day-to-day lives, however, having knowledge about our expenditures, upcoming weather conditions, or the extent of our children’s screen time is important. […]

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Modex 2024 – What did you miss?

I was fortunate enough to attend Modex 2024 in Atlanta for Argon & Co last week and what a show it was! They say America does everything BIGGER and BETTER than the rest and when it comes to trade shows I can believe it! More than 48,000 people attended Modex this March, visiting almost 1,000 […]

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How this team sport relates to a project and its success…

This week, we will be discussing my love for basketball, a game that I have enjoyed playing since my youth. I believe I inherited the genes from my father, who was a very good basketball player in his hometown (I wish I had acquired more of his skills). As someone who loves the game of […]

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Efficiency Unleashed: Japanese Restaurant Ticket Vending Machines

In the bustling streets of Tokyo, Kyoto’s serene alleys, and even the quiet corners of rural Japan, you will encounter a culinary marvel—the Japanese restaurant ticket vending machine. These unassuming devices, often stationed near the entrance, hold the key to a seamless dining experience. Let’s dive into why these machines are more than just quirky […]

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