Fuzzy LogX is a boutique consulting firm founded by our principal consultant Mr. Bas Schilders in 2015 to provide design and consulting services specifically focussed on warehouse and distribution centre (re-)design and optimisation.
Fuzzy LogX was set up because we saw a niche that could benefit from our experience and expertise. Where most other consulting firms have a strong background in either operations or commercial real estate and look at operations from “the inside out”, we look at operations from “the outside in” because of our background in Industrial Storage and Materials Handling, therefore providing a unique outlook.
We are highly aware of all solutions available in the market, allowing us to quickly determine which solutions are suitable for your situation and validate if they are worth the investment. With more than 15 years global experience in the design, implementation and optimisation of Materials Handling Systems, Industrial Storage Systems and Process Solution Applications, we are uniquely positioned to help you in your journey to optimise your existing operation or choose the optimal solution when considering moving to a new site.

We can help you with:

- Data analysis of your operational data and processes
- Determine the appropriate Industrial Storage and/or
- Identify Systems and Materials Handling Systems
- Support the design of the optimal layout for your operation
- Incorporate the identified solutions
- Tender the solutions with the appropriate vendors
Project manage the implementation and integration
Validate any solution provided
Test the solution and validate the contracted performance
- Support you all the way through to implementing the
  optimal solution

Our Expertise

- Operational Data Analysis
- Process Analysis
- Warehouse/DC Design
- System Optimisation
- Materials Handling Systems
- System Integration
- Test Plans
- Functional System Testing
- Factory Acceptance Testing
- Volume Testing
- Project Management
- IT/Architecture Definition
- DR Infrastructure
- Change Management
- System Documentation

We have outstanding relationships with all Storage System Providers, System Integrators/Providers and Software Vendors in Australia/New Zealand and a large network of global experts we can call upon to investigate innovative solutions available worldwide.

We are recognised as being the leading consultants in the field of Automated Warehouse Solutions. 

The Industries we've covered so far:

- Pharmaceutical Wholesale
- Healthcare
- Cosmetics
- Automotive
- Spare Parts
- After Market Auto Parts
- Grocery Retail
- E-Commerce
- Omni-Channel
- Fashion
- Apparel
- 3PL
- Electronics
- Electrics


Our main focus is on Warehouse and System optimisation. Additionally with our strong background in automated solutions we are the leading consultants when it comes to system integration. Whether you are looking for a project manager to lead the tender, design and implementation phase or a consultant who can run the functional, integration, acceptance and volume test for you, we have the necessary people and tools available to help you.

We are involved in quite a number of projects, ranging from small scale to large scale and from automated to manual.

One of our projects involves Toll's automated fashion DC for Specialty Fashion Group which is being finalised in Prestons, NSW. The facility is fitted out with a Dematic Multi Shuttle system feeding 24 Dematic RapidPick Goods-To-Person stations as well as decanting, packing and despatch modules. 

Please give us a call if you're interested in learning more.